Welcome to the Selsey Cinema, home of regular cinema showings in the Town Hall where all are welcome. Films screen twice a month at 7.30pm. Doors always open at 7.00pm for a pre-film drink from the licensed bar and wherever possible we aim to have an interval half way through the film (we may not need to change reels any more, but we like to honour the tradition).

We try to show a range of current films and occasionally classics from a bygone era or special screenings.

Films are projected using the latest digital equipment onto a 10x12ft screen and we have a full Dolby surround speaker system; while it may not be a multiplex, it is still a great Cinema Experience.

If you are tired of taking the trip to the multiplex, you want to catch up on some gems that you may have missed first time round, or if you just fancy a great night out, then give Selsey Cinema a go – it’s the best-kept secret in Selsey!








2 thoughts on “About

  1. just linked to website after reading selsey life. Two comments, please could you advertise films with age range, this would be really helpful when deciding if suitable for children and young people, rather than assume. secondly the children’s Feb matinee appears to be running on a school day, with half term for a week from 14th Feb.

    Finally, a thank you for all if the hard work to bring this activity to Selsey.


    1. Thanks for the feedback Rachel – we will update the website accordingly. We plan to start Cloudy with Meatballs 2 at 3.30pm so that children from Medmerry can attend if they wish (Seal have an INSET day on the 24th). We know it’s not ideal, but unless we combine the matinees with an evening performance, we can’t keep the costs down to £2 per ticket, and £5 seems too much to charge for an afternoon treat…

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