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Long list for the new season

It’s that time of year when we need to start planning for the new film season. We’ve compiled a long list of films that we can easily source, have heard good things about and think are worth consideration. We need your help now in narrowing them down and selecting the ones you want to see.

Please take the time to read the summaries in the Films longlist, and then complete the tick list at the end, indicating any films you definitely do want to see, any that you don’t, and those that you hadn’t necessarily heard of until now, but you’d be willing to give a try.

We always try to find a balance between showing popular crowd pleasers and excellent films that you may not necessarily have heard of.

By now, we hope that you’ve seen enough hidden gems to trust us and forgive us the (very) odd dud!

If you could comment below, drop your completed preferences by Monday 23 November to the town hall, or just email us the titles you’d really like to see at, then we’d be very grateful, as it helps to inform our programming.

Once again, thanks for all your support.

Selsey Cinema Club

Films longlist