Monthly Archives: February 2015

Changes to current schedule

We’ve had to make some alterations┬áto our schedule due to some last minute changes to the release schedule of Mr Turner. Unfortunately the release date was pushed back a week to March 2nd, which meant that we couldn’t source the rights to screen it on Feb 23rd (and we really did try every possible route to manage it..)

As a result, we’ve added in an extra film to the run, ‘Magic in the Moonlight’, a lovely piece of period frippery starring Colin Firth and Emma Stone, directed with the lightest of touches by Woody Allen (still enjoying the run of good form that began with ‘Midnight in Paris’).

This has also meant that we’ve had to move ‘My Old Lady’ back in the schedule, as it has been bumped on by ‘Mr Turner’.

Finally, we’ve added a few extra movies in to the mix – Oscar-nominated stop motion animation ‘BoxTrolls’ for Half-term week, ‘Paddington’ for the Easter Holidays and then the sumptuous ‘Hundred Foot Journey’ on April 13th.

We hate all this messing around, but it does highlight the difficulties that small film groups such as ours have in getting hold of copies of films from the major distributors. We hope it hasn’t caused you too many problems and that you approve of the additions and substitutions.