Monthly Archives: October 2014

Website Facelift

We’ve given the website a bit of a face-lift in response to your requests to make the film listings easier to find. Hopefully this new-look site will do the trick . Let us know what you think; do you like the new look, or did you prefer the old format?


Thoughts on running a cinema club

We’ve been wanting to run a themed film season here for quite a while, but as many of you know we don’t own our own equipment, instead relying on the lovely crew from Cinema 2U to provide all of the necessary gear for our screenings. This means that we can be limited in the availability of slots when we can screen films, and it also means that our overheads are quite high, as we have to pay for both equipment rental and film licencing fees. All of which has meant that a  themed season has felt like too big a risk for us to take financially when we are still finding our feet in our first year.

Thankfully, there is a huge amount of support out there for groups like ours to try and make cinema as accessible as possible to isolated communities like Selsey. We belong to a brilliant group, called the British Federation of Film Societies (BFFS), who through their Cinema for All Scheme give us access to both films and materials like vintage posters and help us with the nuts and bolts of running a cinema club (it’s just not as simple as you would think…).

We are also members of a British Film Institute (BFI) funded initiative to help spread cinema throughout the regions, called Film Hub South East. This is a really great group of like-minded film clubs and societies, and also industry professionals. What it means is that we get access to distributors, industry events and film makers that would otherwise be impossible for a small group such as our own. It also gives us access to valuable funding to enable us to try something a bit more risky every now and then.

We have been very lucky in having a funding application that we submitted through the Film Hub South East Audience Development scheme accepted. This means that in the new year we will be able to run our first themed film season. We will give you more details of the films we’re showing and why they were selected over the coming weeks. The season is called ‘How Soon is Now’, and is a look back at cinematic visions of the future, with the benefit of hindsight. As well as the films, there will be a vintage film poster exhibition, talks, workshops and lots of other extras – we’ve got lots to do, but it’s all VERY exciting….