Thinking ahead to 2014

Wow! We’ve been overwhelmed by the support that people have been showing the Cinema club since we had the slightly mad idea to try and get it going back in September. From our first screening on October 14th we have had such wonderful responses from our ever-growing audience that we don’t know why we didn’t do it years ago! As far as Selsey is concerned, Monday is definitely the new Friday. We are just sitting down with the lovely boys from Cinema 2U to start planning our next season.

After the Christmas break, we’re planning to resume screening films on Monday 27th January. We are still working on the screening order, which is dependant upon licensing agreements and availability of prints, but the list we are working to take us up to Easter at the moment is as follows:


Blue Jasmine



About Time

Captain Phillips

We’re also tempted by Austenland and Sunshine on Leith, but we may not have time to fit them all in.

Keep checking back regularly, and as we can confirm dates and schedules we will update our listings page.



4 thoughts on “Thinking ahead to 2014

  1. Just an observation; wouldn’t it have been better to put Cloudy with Meatballs 2 mattinee performance on during half term break, i.e. 17th – 21st?

  2. Thanks for the feedback Angela. We plan to start Cloudy with Meatballs 2 at 3.30pm so that children from Medmerry can attend if they wish (Seal have an INSET day on the 24th). We know it’s not ideal, but unless we combine the matinees with an evening performance, we can’t keep the costs down to £2 per ticket, and £5 seems too much to charge for an afternoon treat…

  3. It would be good to have more notice of the coming programme. Nothing here about 2014 Autumn or early 2015. Not everyone is happy to go out at night in wintertime so matinees would be helpful.

    1. Hi Jo – just click on the film listings at the top of the page, or on the individual film names on the left hand bar for details of the current season of films. We don’t schedule more than 10-12 weeks in advance, as beyond that release dates change and it is hard to guarantee print availability and film licences with distributors. We agree that more matinees would be good, but at the moment we are at the mercy of our mobile cinema operator, and so can only run when they have slots available – we are working on trying to increase the number of shows. We have recently agreed a ‘cinema special’ deal with Medmerry Cars for our customers of £1.00 return to try and encourage more of you to come out at night!

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