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Thinking ahead to 2014

Wow! We’ve been overwhelmed by the support that people have been showing the Cinema club since we had the slightly mad idea to try and get it going back in September. From our first screening on October 14th we have had such wonderful responses from our ever-growing audience that we don’t know why we didn’t do it years ago! As far as Selsey is concerned, Monday is definitely the new Friday. We are just sitting down with the lovely boys from Cinema 2U to start planning our next season.

After the Christmas break, we’re planning to resume screening films on Monday 27th January. We are still working on the screening order, which is dependant upon licensing agreements and availability of prints, but the list we are working to take us up to Easter at the moment is as follows:


Blue Jasmine



About Time

Captain Phillips

We’re also tempted by Austenland and Sunshine on Leith, but we may not have time to fit them all in.

Keep checking back regularly, and as we can confirm dates and schedules we will update our listings page.



Nearly Christmas

So, just three days until we start showing our FREE Christmas movies on a Saturday morning, we thought we’d explain why we chose the films we did. It’s a really hard job trying to choose four films that can appeal to a whole community, that spread festive cheer, and that basically herald the start of Christmas.

In the end the four we settled on were a diverse mix;

  • Elf: Chosen because we love the way it harks back to the innocence of an earlier age, whist still maintaining a bit of bite and satire about the modern commercialisation of Christmas. It’s not often that films are made which can make serious points but still do it in a way that is funny, heartfelt and charming, but we think that Elf just about pulls it off.
  • The Muppet Christmas Carol: A great version of a classic Christmas story. It’s as warming and familiar as mince pies and hot chocolate, but with just enough Muppet anarchy and mayhem to make it new and fresh. It just isn’t Christmas without Scrooge, and it just isn’t as much fun without the Muppets!
  • White Christmas: Because we all need a bit of glamour at Christmas. This film takes us back to a time when it was acceptable to wear full-length sequined santa-suits with fur-lined hoods. Men smoked pipes, women wore heels whatever the weather and life was lived in technicolour. Of course it was never real, but a bit of escapism is fine by us.
  • It’s a Wonderful Life: Just about our favourite Christmas film ever. Nearly 70 years old, the script is still as sharp, witty and emotional as ever, and duplicitous banks and financiers are still causing havoc for ordinary men & women. It may be an old film, but it still tells a story for all of us today, and it is impossible not to have at least a little tear in the corner of your eye by the final scene.